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We invite you to join us....

We invite one and all to join us as we worship our Creator, Redeemer and God on Saturday mornings. You will quickly find that we are a culturally diverse family that has had the nickname, "The Friendly Church."


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Pathfinder Oshkosh 2014 Picture Gallery


Our SAIL Pathfinders are currently at Oshkosh Camporee. Click here to see the picture gallery.

Youth Worship Service

Youth Ministry

The 5th week of the month means a special treat for our church. Four times a year, our fabulous youth members will offer their services to take charge of worship service. This week the youth will explain what Easter means to them. Every church in this country will celebrate Easter in a special wa

Pathfinder's Bible Bowl

Youth Ministry

Today is the day that all of Central Texas comes together in Scenic Hills Seventh-day Adventis Church at San Antonio to participate in the Bible Bowl.